With the purpose of extending the commercial and investment offer of one of the most attractive Caribbean islands, the second international shopping center was built: Sambil Curacao, which is located between Weg Naar Westpunt and Westpung Weg avenues of the city of Willemstad over a parcel of 143,657m2 surface, a few distance from the touristic and residential area of this beautiful Dutch island.

With a construction area of 47,593m2, Sambil Curacao shows an architecture inspired in the Island´s multicultural character, having the colors of typical facades of the Punda´s historic downtown featuring tunes of the one level building´s volumetric, and where 6 equidistant pedestrian accesses are generated: Cas Abou, Kanoa Beach, Barbara Beach,
Caracas Baai, Portomari, and Kenepa Beach. The curved circulation corridors and metallic structure roofs with natural lighting are opened to generate two squares called Punta Square and Otrobanda Square aiming towards the “Food Court” food fair located in the joint´s central space with a roof made by an innovating thermoplastic polymer (ETFE) of important dimensions reaching a maximum height of 20m.

Sambil Curacao has in total 190 commercial premises in which 6 movie theaters are included, food fair with 26 concepts, one gym, and three restaurants with uncovered terrace; besides of 12 commercial spaces type kiosks distributed along the corridors and uncovered parking lot with capacity for 2,600 vehicles.


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