Over a land of 56,238m2 at the north of the capital of the State of Carabobo in the Mañongo Sub-Division of the city of Valencia, there is located Sambil Valencia, the first thematic shopping center of Venezuela, being Baseball the generator concept of the project as spatial and functional treatment of the building. The total construction area is 60,253m2 distributed in five commercial levels: Highway level, Mañongo, Fair, Fun, and Terraces; developed using the scheme of diamond of a baseball field where the four squares acquire the names Home, 1st Base, 2nd Base, and 3rd Base.

Sambil Valencia has 202 commercial premises in total; within the commercial area are included 10 movie theaters, 18 concepts of food fair, and the Baseball Museum, unique in the country. Besides of 35 commercial spaces type kiosks distributed along the corridors and the parking lot with capacity for 1,100 spots.

In the year 2008, the Valencia Lidotel Boutique Hotel is opened, located on the parcel diagonal to Sambil with a total of 135 rooms with a 6-floor building. The hotel keeps architectural relation with the shopping center’s refinements and has restaurant service, hall of events, pool with Churuata, gym, and bar.


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