Sambil Barquisimeto is the best representative of the musical capital of the country, as its architecture was inspired by the shape of a cuatro, the typical instrument of the region. In it, you will find the best shops, the best entertainment -which includes 11 cinemas- and the only bowling alley in the city.

With 324 stores, including national and international franchises, the mall offers a wide variety of items to meet all the needs of both visitors to Lara and tourists who visit each of its modern spaces.

Come and enjoy our wide Food Fair, with the largest platform in the region, where the best events are presented, totally free. Every day Sambil Barquisimeto surprises you with activities designed for the whole family!



It is located on a plot of the 11,602m2 north of the city of Caracas, at the end of the street Tiuna de Boleíta Norte in the municipality of Sucre, is located Boleíta Center with 46,660m2 of construction, two pedestrian accesses, and five levels, of which three are commercial and two are parking levels. The architecture of the shopping center is adapted to the shape of the terrain, which generates a radial distribution for both the premises and the corridors.



Sambil Caracas is the center of shopping, services, and entertainment that, with its opening, inaugurated the era of modernity of shopping centers in Venezuela. With 531 stores, which includes famous international franchises that come together with national brands, this mall is considered the most complete in the Venezuelan capital. It is located in the municipality of Chacao, between Libertador Avenue and Francisco Fajardo Highway, with direct entrances between both roads, and very close to the Chacao station of the Caracas Metro.



In the business area of the city of Caracas, between Avenue Francisco de Miranda and Avenue Tamanaco del Rosal in Chacao, is located the Centro Lido, a mixed-use complex that contains commercial premises, offices, and hotel occupying the entire block with a plot area of 14,000m2 and a construction area of 140,000m2.

sambil Curacao


With the aim of expanding the commercial and investment offer of one of the most attractive islands in the Caribbean, the second international shopping center Sambil Curaçao was built. It is located between the Weg Naar Westpunt and Westpung Weg Avenues in the city of Willemstad on a 143,657m2 plot of land, close to the tourist and residential area of this beautiful Dutch island.



Sambil Maracaibo, the largest shopping center in the Zulia capital. Here you will be able to enjoy with your family great attractions, 321 commercial premises with shops and services, offering both locals and tourists unbeatable advantages of comfort, in a modern space considered by all as “a city under roof”.

Come and enjoy our extensive Food Fair, which includes national and foreign franchises that offer visitors a wide variety of gastronomic experiences, with direct access to 12 modern movie theaters, equipped with the latest advances in the industry to make your visit a unique and unforgettable moment.



Sambil Margarita, the shopping center surrounded by more than 315 kilometers of Caribbean coastline. In it you will have the opportunity to enjoy with your family great attractions, shops, and services, gathered in its 336 commercial premises, offering to them to the tourist’s insuperable advantages of security and comfort.

The internal circulation of the Sambil Margarita Center has clearly defined thanks to the curved corridors that interconnect with the central volume of the great churuata, typical of the region. It should be noted that the design of the same was carried out simulating the skeleton of an inverted canoe, where large spaces and natural light inputs are obtained.



Sambil Madrid is the first shopping, service and entertainment center of the Sambil brand under the outlet modality. The land has a surface area of 39,160m2 and is located between the M40 ring road and La Fuente street, in the La Fortuna area of the municipality of Leganés in the city of Madrid, Spain.



Sambil Paraguana is the most complete shopping center of the Friendship Peninsula, whose location is really privileged for our visitors and tourists, since it is located at the entrance to the city of Punto Fijo, and where besides providing entertainment and fun, everyone can enjoy quality and comfort in each of its services.

The mall is made up of 320 commercial premises, with a wide range of items, entertainment

8 movie theaters and the largest Food Fair in the city. It also has four entrances, whose names are characteristic of tourist areas of the Paraguana Peninsula, such as Adicora, Cabo San Roman, and Cerro Santa Ana. With 2,500 parking spaces, we invite you to visit our facilities and enjoy each of the options we have for you.



Sambil San Cristobal, the largest shopping, service and entertainment center in the Venezuelan Andes. Located on the Venezuelan border with Colombia, this modern mall is renowned for its innovative spaces for entertainment and recreation.

Sambil San Cristobal, with 294 stores that bring together the most recognized brands – both national and international franchises – is positioned as a modern center for entertainment, providing new ways for enjoyment, becoming an attraction not only for local people, but for tourists from neighboring countries, who find San Cristobal as the gateway to Venezuela.

Explore our wide range of dining options, eight movie theaters and banks, all at Sambil. Also, and with direct access to the mall, Sambil San Cristobal has its Lidotel and more than 1,000 parking spaces for the convenience of all visitors.



Sambil Santo Domingo is located between Avenue John F. Kennedy and San Martín in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It has a total of 333 commercial premises including a cinema with 14 projection rooms, a convention hall with capacity for 1,000 people, a food fair with 20 different concepts, restaurants with open-air terraces, a forum shop area, a supermarket, a saltwater aquarium in the shape of a portico and the “Aquamundo” marine museum, as well as 34 kiosk-like commercial spaces distributed in the corridors.



In a plot of 2.086m2 is located Super Centro Petare, in the municipality of Sucre between the main avenue of La Urbina and Avenue Francisco de Miranda, next to the Petare Metro station in the State of Miranda.



Sambil Valencia is located to the north of the capital city of Carabobo. Easily accessible to the highway is the mall preferred by the Valencians, whose architecture and design is inspired by the favorite sport of Venezuela: baseball. In fact, Sambil Valencia is home to the only Baseball Museum in the country, where the best national ballplayers are immortalized in the Hall of Fame.