All the construction developments are diverse, engineering and architecture achievements that don’t go unnoticed in front of the urban fact, among pedestrians and drivers. Constructions developed to give a direct response to the services that the Caracas big city doesn’t have, derived largely from economic, demographic, or technological changes in parallel with the city’s development and its territorial expansion.
The office buildings have settled down as part of an urban attractive presented by the city, located in strategic lots of land. The offices working there are planned, benefited with design and projection criteria that Constructora Sambil considered since the very moment of the project´s creation.
The urban effect among these buildings for offices and other buildings for a rental that is all over the country is the same for Constructora Sambil, only the useful means are variable, but the purpose is kept: projecting and building the urbanism of the possible Venezuela, including everyone, without selfishness and with harmony.

Among the projects chronologically highlighting there should be mentioned:

90’s - 2000’s


Centro Lido, El Rosal. Centro empresarial Galipán, El Rosal Torre Credicard, Chacaito Torre 3 M, El Rosal.



Torre Corp Group, la Castellana Torre Alfa, La Candelaria



Torre La Primera, Campo Alegre