We bet for quality education.


with the construction and equipment of Bolivarian Schools, Constructora Sambil is betting for a quality education. This company totally Venezuelan has delivered completely refurbished educational units of high quality to low-income communities.
Education is the basis of the real social transformation, and Constructora Sambil, aware of its social responsibility with the country and especially with the most disadvantaged communities, has been working in planning, construction, and equipment of Bolivarian Schools. Thus, it has already delivered to the Ministry of People´s Power for Education, completely finished and refurbished the San Lorenzo school (San Lorenzo Neighborhood, Margarita Island); Aldemaro Romero School (El Mamón Neighborhood, Barquisimeto); Madre Juana School (San Cristóbal) and El Limón School (Valles del Tuy).

It is worth to notice that Constructora Sambil also executed at its moment the upgrading of the Libertador Educational Unit, located in Chacao Municipality of Caracas and reconstruction of the Aura Medina de Ventura School in the Paraguaná Peninsula.

The institutions have totally furnished classrooms, sports courts, laboratories, kitchens, computing rooms, administrative areas. Anyway, all the necessary for the children and young people can study with all the indispensable conveniences for their optimal performance. Additionally, thanks to the comfortable and functional of their structures, these spaces can be used by the nearby sectors to carry out multiple activities in benefit of the communities. By this way, Constructora Sambil reaffirms its faith and love for Venezuela betting for the seeds that when nourished, blossom, and grow strong and vigorous will rule the Homeland of the future: our children.


was born in 2008 thanks to the initiative of a group of young people concerned about the improper functioning and physical deterioration of some public educational units with seriously damaged structures, which frequently originated the school activities to be suspended, long-term affecting the students´ teaching and learning. After the construction of the first totally equipped school and after the interaction with the community, we discovered that beyond the infrastructure problem, there was a higher problem: scarcity of teachers trained and committed to providing a quality education to our young students.

As response to that need, efforts are aimed not only at construction and endowment of teaching centers but the action radio is expanded and the educational programs “Punto y Seguimos” and “Quiero Saber” are designed and implemented, in order to improve the quality of the initial teaching of children and adolescents of the State of Miranda, starting from the premise that having access since an early age to a good formation, we could establish a more fair, moral, and productive society. In 2014 we made a step beyond to create a fair world and without exclusion, and we achieved the opening of our Labor and Entrepreneurship Training Center at Valles del Tuy, a response to the increasing need of promoting entrepreneurship of women under poverty condition, facilitating their labor training and personal formation with the purpose of improving their quality of life.

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Constructora Sambil is part of the organizations that support the labor and different programs of the Foundation Friends of the Child who Requires Protection (FUNDANA, Spanish Acronym) which is an entity that seeks provide integral attention to the population of Venezuelan children with ages comprised between newborn and six years, who are under maltreatment situation, abandonment, or neglect for threat and/or violation of their rights. As well as giving support to women victims of domestic violence and to families of social risk. Among the programs developed by Fundana, we can mention Fundana´s Little People Village, Family Settlement Program, “Until the Last Cartridge”, Self-Management Program Tikiticas Cookies, among others….

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